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Area 51, flying saucers from another world - and the program to create a fierce technology. Former Government physicist Bob Lazar remains the singular most famous and controversial name in the world of UFOs. Lazar made headlines world-wide in 1989 when he came forward with his account of reverse-engineering an alien spacecraft for the US Military. The reason you know about Area 51 is because Lazar came forward and told you about it. His disclosures have turned his life upside-down and he has tried to stay out of the spotlight. For this reason, he has never let any filmmaker into the private world of his daily life - that is - until now.

Corbell’s film intimately chronicles the challenges and travails of a cosmic whistleblower. It investigates Lazar’s groundbreaking claims and the devastating impact they have had on his life over the course of the last thirty years; including rare and never before revealed footage guaranteed to alter the landscape of the debate.

RUNTIME: 1 hr 37 min

The Theatre @ Ace Hotel • 929 S Broadway • Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90015