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The summer of 1969 - anything seemed possible. Humans had just landed on the Moon. Innocence and idealism pulsed through the veins of Americans. The Beatles, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King; they embodied this awareness. Popular culture was seeded with anticipation of what could be, and what we could become as a nation and a world. John Lennon’s song “Let It Be” was just about to be released. Hollywood was at the center of a pop-culture revolution. Our potential was within our reach.

On the night of August 8th, 1969 everything changed.

“She had that thing you really can't explain.” Director - J. Lee Thompson, “Eye Of The Devil”

When Sharon Tate’s life was taken, Hollywood, America and the world realized that things were not as they appeared. Fear crept into our hearts and our idealism came crashing to a halt. Sharon’s death was the end of the 60’s, both physically and spiritually. Those who were close to her have told me of the power of her presence. By all accounts she was beautiful, pure and free. It was for this reason that her passing had the power to transform our daily life. Sharon Tate was a symbol for our freedom.

“Fear is a force in the world that feeds off of itself. The opposite of fear, is hope.” - JKLC

It is my aim to discover not only who Sharon was in LIFE, STYLE and LOVE; but also to understand what it was about her extraordinary spirit that symbolized our hopes and dreams as a culture - and how it relates to us today.

The night of Thursday August 8th, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the end of the "Summer Of Love” - the murder of actress Sharon Tate by the Charles Mason cult. On the 40th anniversary I unveiled an art show in Los Angeles; honoring Sharon and her life & style (with support from her surviving sister). The Los Angeles Times covered the exhibition and it made the national media rounds - four times. This August is an opportunity to remind us of our innocence - and the power of thought. My art is based upon Sharon’s unique qualities that were reflective of a time before our loss of innocence.

This moment will only come once; and with Sharon’s life back in our culture (like with Quentin Tarantino’s new film - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood; it’s time to exhibit this show for the 50th anniversary - in Los Angeles - where it all went down.


Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

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LARGE FORMAT POLAROIDS (nine available for display)

Made from the original polaroids of Corbell’s Tate shoot. Each mixed-media piece is 48 x 60in.


BLUE SERIES (eleven available for display)

Corbell shot through a vintage 1960’s RediFlex camera with a modern day digital, creating a unique effect. Each mixed-media piece is 24 x 24in.


LARGE FORMAT NEGATIVES (eleven available for display)

These large format pieces are made from images of the original tear-away negatives from Corbell’s Sharon Tate Polaroid shoot. Each mixed-media piece is 24 x 45in.

FRAMED ORIGINAL POLAROIDS & NEGATIVES (seventeen available for display)

These framed originals are Corbell’s selects, and are the basis for his body of work. Each original is 9 x 3.5in.


WINDOW SERIES (seventeen available for display)

These pieces are constructed using original 1960’s windows, recycled from local Los Angeles demolitions. Each mixed-media pieces unique in size.


ORIGINAL 1967 PLAYBOY (one available for display)

This mixed-media piece (featuring photographs by Roman Polanski) is embellished by the artist and cast in resin.


MIXED-MEDIA DRESS FORMS (one available for display)

Materials used in these dress forms are, Los Angeles Times newspaper, US currency, burlap, twine, ink, paint, resin, etc.


DARK ROOM INSTALLATION (over three-hundred pieces available)

These are ALL the originals from Corbell's Tate shoot. Each is original, autographed, resined and embellished.



CANVAS SERIES #1 (twenty-five / limited edition)

Each canvas piece is an original, autographed, inked and embellished by the artist.

CANVAS SERIES #2 (twenty-five / limited edition)

Each canvas piece was autographed, inked and embellished by the artist.

LIMITED EDITION ART APPAREL (one-hundred / limited edition)

Each canvas piece was autographed, inked and embellished by the artist.

ICON BOOK (ten / limited edition print)

These coffee table books contain many of the unseen original images from Corbell's Tate shoot.



This is an (almost silent) film installation from the ICON documentary which accompanies the exhibition. It includes Sharon Tate's home-movie archives and documentary interviews - for the 50th anniversary of her murder.