EXTRAORDINARY BELIEFS / presented by Jeremy Corbell

Join investigative filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, on a phantasmagorical journey into the realms of UFOs, government whistleblowers and for the first time in history, the scientific analysis of alleged off-world technologies. With his camera as his passport, Corbell takes you behind the veil of the opaque and undiscovered, asking hard questions in a field of inherent deception. Corbell approaches these topics from a current, modern-day and well informed perspective; and dives deeper than you will think possible into the mysteries and conspiracies facing humanity today. Strong willed, articulate and impassioned, Corbell has collected insiders and sources that will warp your sensibilities and "Weaponize Your Curiosity". Like a surgeon of the paranormal, with a direct and humanizing approach, Corbell dissects the stories told by credible individuals who hold incredible beliefs. Corbell's series is like the Twilight Zone with a Twin Peaks twist; it's unsettling, except everything you see is real and challenges the consensus reality.


Jet cars, explosives and and flying saucers; Bob Lazar remains the most famous name in the world of UFOs. For almost thirty years, Lazar has been sticking to his story. His wife believes him, his mom believes him, and the closer you get to his inner-circle… the more YOU believe him. Over the years Lazar has remained elusive, and for the most part, silent. He has never let any journalist or filmmaker into the private world of his daily life, until now. Meet the real Bob Lazar. Meet that man who in 1989, shook the world with his story of reverse engineering UFOs and his tales of government conspiracy. If he’s telling the truth, Lazar exposed the most secret and deep-black government program in history. Lazar claims there were only 22 people on this planet with knowledge of the UFO programs, and that he broke from the fold, and leaked the details to the world to save his own skin. It worked. Lazar is unarguably the most important UFO witness in history. This story, told from within the envelope of time, will convince you that his story is worth listening to. It’s high-time to set the record straight, and that’s exactly what Corbell and Lazar have set out to do.

In this coming feature length documentary, Corbell explores Lazar's story. The release of this film is scheduled iTunes and Netflix this coming December of 2018.