Jeremy Corbell introduces Jacques Vallee, CITD 2017

Jeremy Corbell introduces Jacques Vallee, CITD 2017

I am both inspired and encouraged by the hunger for information that I have seen this year at Contact In The Desert. It’s great to have this many interested Ufologists in the middle of the Mojave Desert, my home. With that said, I’m going to be honest. I fear for the future of research in this field of Ufology or Phenomenology.  

It appears to me, that NOISE is the new BLACK. That REASON and EVIDENCE is willfully abandoned due to tactics of persuasion. That in an an ocean of self-proclaimed and false prophets… that fear based deception, is more commonplace than ever. What has happened to the scientific approach? What has happened to asking for proof? I feel a deep sense of duty, to inundate those who have walked this path before me with, appeals for guidance.

At Contact In The Desert this year, we heard a voice that has gently whispered throughout the decades. The voice of a man who's tone commands attention.... if you are silent enough to listen. A signal, within the noise.

The voice and ideas was that of Jacques Vallee. His message has evolved over the years, as he has accumulated new data; never sensationalized, never overstated. Jacques has hinted at his findings for years... and seemingly he has chosen to speak up... once again.

Three simple things I have learned from Jacques are:

1. Don’t jump to the conclusion that these visitors (or manipulators), are extraterrestrial. They might be… but if the my can distort space-time (and this is indeed, what the data shows)… then they could literally, be from anywhere. This divergent philosophy that Jacques reported on, because that’s where his data led him… it really pissed people off at the time. Now, we understand what he was saying.

2. The aptly named “Control System” that Jacques has presented to us decades ago, is more important now than when he first proposed it. I remember the work of Charles Fort, where he suggested that we are property. That we might be livestock, owned by entities that manipulate us both on the micro... and the macro scale. Jacques has not said we are property… but he speaks of the control system. A system consistent, with intervention, manipulation and a display of sorts. UFOs appear, and sometimes it seems to be meant to generate a reaction, or maybe a distraction? Like the end on a shiny fishing lure. Jacques goes to a new level, hinting at an intelligence that messes with us, for reasons we don’t completely understand.

3. UFO disinformation is real, and a threat to our understanding. Jacques book, Messengers Of Deception exposed agencies messing and manipulating us, with disinformation and misinformation... yet at the same time, importantly, these agencies, have, and ARE... studying the UFO Problem in secrecy. And there appear to be multiple forces… government, and maybe even cosmic… that seem to use different levels of manipulation to dismiss or confuse the public.

But Jacques follows the data where it leads. He’s credited for helping to build the first computerize database for UFOs when he worked with J. Allen Hynek. And we need to follow in Jacques footsteps. To follow the data where it leads…. no conspiracy theories or sideshows… just the data.

I have also noticed that over the decades of his work, that Jacques, quite frankly... has taken shit. Both from mainstream scientists, AND from ufologists. Simply due to his approach, he has taken grief, because his ideas have always been ahead of his time. This has been the case, all the way along, yet his persistence and message endures... and it's still, by far… ahead of its time. It only took decades for people to notice the significance of his perspective.

His contributions are now the starting point for modern conversation on these topics. His ideas have become bedrock - for our understanding - and for our current investigations into The Phenomenon (that happens to include UFOs).

Where I live in Pioneeretown (not Pioneer Town), we respect the space between words. With Jacques, you must also value the space between his words. It is his character to be subtle. And it's your challenge to discover the nuance in his message.

At Contact, Jacques talked about “The Material Composition of UFOs”, and the physical analysis of available samples. It was an inspiring approach. And like the younger generations recent "re-discovery" of The Beatles and their music... this was your chance to grasp the message from an man who's work has impacted your daily life... even if you didn't know it.

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
Creator, Extraordinary Beliefs